Easy booking & access.

Bookanet gets more players into your sports training facility, and saves you the work of managing schedules and bookings.

Open your venue to its full use potential with Bookanet.

Online booking, hands-free access

Your players will be delighted when they can book easily online. Your staff will be happy to be freed from scheduling busywork. Your treasurer will love how much more use your venue sees.

Easy online booking

Online booking makes the process of picking a time easier for your players. They can see what slots are available - next month or this afternoon - and book straight away, and have access codes delivered immediately.

Simplifying the booking process means people use your venue more.

Less management

Most clubs have someone tasked with fielding booking enquiries, scheduling times and arranging payment. It's often a coach or other team member playing a second role, and it's often an extra task they can do without.

Sites using Bookanet free that team member to better focus on their real job.

More venue use

If it's easy and quick to get a time, your players will use your facility more. Casual use increases, and regular use does too.

With immediate access, a rained off game for the kids becomes an opportunity to hit the nets and practice for next weekend. Teams can arrange a session from the sideline, lock it in and build a habit of regular use.


Bookanet encourages membership by supporting additional access benefits for your members, and providing for discount rates, coupons you can manage and other extras that help keep users coming back.

Easy setup

Bookanet is a hosted system, which means you don't have any management to do - bookings will take care of themselves!

If only the rest of your job could be this easy ...

Get in touch

The next step is to try out Bookanet and see if it fits your venue. Whether you've used Bookanet at another venue, or you want to test drive your own, contact Bookanet to get started.

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